PhilHeaD 2020, Covid Pandemics: Theoretical and Practical Issues

9.45-10 Introduction – Campaner

Section I: “Resilienza e salute: il caso Covid-19”

Chair: Dallolio

10-10.20 Francesco Barone Adesi (PhilHeaD)

10.20-10.40 Anna Manca

10.40-11 Margherita Benzi (PhilHeaD) & Marco Novarese 

11-11.30 Discussione

11.30-11.50 pausa

Chair: Dallara

11.50-12.10 Angelo Fioritti

12.10-12.30 Federico Toth

12.30-12.50 Roberto De Vogli 

12.50 – 13.20 Discussione

Section II: Covid-19 and Philosophy: Epistemological and Ethical Aspects

Chair: Campaner (oppure Brigati) (University of Bologna & PhilHeaD)

15-15.20 Alex Broadbent

15.20-15.40 Stefano Canali 

15.40-16 Cristina Amoretti (University of Genoa & PhilHeaD) & Elisabetta Lalumera (University of Milano-Bicocca & PhilHeaD): The concept of disease in time of Covid-19

16-16.30 Discussione

16.30-16.45 pausa

Chair: Cenacchi (oppure Cerri) (University of Bologna & PhilHeaD)

16.45-17.05 Helen De Cruz

17.05-17.25 Pierluigi Viale (?)

17.25-17.45 Giovanni Boniolo (University of Ferrara & PhilHeaD), Covid 19: ethical discomforts and epistemological mistakes

17.45-18.15 Discussion


Cristina Amoretti & Elisabetta Lalumera, The concept of disease in time of Covid-19

Which concept of disease one assumes has implications on who can be judged as having a disease (disease judgement) and what counts as being sick (sickness judgement). We suggest that sickness judgements akin to those experienced during Covid-19 outbreak presuppose a concept of disease containing social harm or risk of harm as a component. We then indicate some problems of adopting this disease concept beyond the emergence.

Giovanni Boniolo, Covid 19: ethical discomforts and epistemological mistakes

In the talk, I will face the problem of the many epistemological distortions concerning communication regarding COVID 19 and their dangerous consequences for the collectivity.